Thursday, April 29, 2010

.. oops, 'ice' did it ..?

I forgot a cardinal rule last night, and am still paying for it... ugh...

When partaking of drinks in areas where food prep standards might be low, it's not advisable to get anything with ice, because ice is one of the main culprits of contamination/spread of tummy-upsetting bugs.

... but it was so warm and muggy last night, the air so stagnant, that I HAD to have an iced drink, then another and yet another while attending the #chickenwingtwtup... I thought nothing of it at all as I was gulping down the drink, then the melted ice... until this morning...

I was scoring #7 on the Bristol Stool Chart

Later in the day I had a small lunch, but was in pain while my tummy digested it.


I managed to find a pack of rehydrating salts that I've consumed with lots of water, in addition to the litre of water I've sipped throughout the day. Hopefully I'll be game for something simple for dinner. Otherwise I'll get me a can or two of 100PLUS.

What a bummer.

Coulda been a lot worse tho, so I'm thankful I'm only mildly discomforted by all this. Still cancelled a teh tarik date with my tennis buddy tonight tho, didn't want to risk it...

Hopefully I'll be recovered tomoro.

Have you run (haha) across this on your travels? Or do you take precautions to save yourself from what I'me going through, and worse?