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about this Malaysian abroad
I am a Malaysian/Swiss mutt whose life journey has taken her to Springfield (IL), USA. I seem to be a compulsive blogger with multiple personalities. Help!

about a malaysian abroad
I started this expat-focused blog at amalaysianabroad.today.com in December 2008 as a way to earn a teeny bit of $$ while doing something I do for fun anyway ... then in April 2010 they moved us all to another domain that was just not appealing (I'm not a BlogDogger, tyvm!)... and by then the pay structure was so different from when I started it just wasn't worth staying on.  So I moved on back to blogger/blogspot. The older posts are property of today.com, and will not be transferred over here. The focus of this blog will continue to be {observing, comparing, celebrating} {Malaysia, Switzerland, USA} and more!: there'll always be lots of fodder :)

about a malaysian abroad's current focus @2011
I'll be featuring all things relating to Springfield, IL, my current home. Abraham Lincoln might just be Springfield's most famous past resident, so I'll give him some blog time. However, food and restaurants will be most prominent at this time, methinks.


(last updated: 16 Jan 2011)