Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Quiz: Day Seven

Yawwwwnnnnn what *have* I gotten myself into?? Here are a few more questions from that Christmas Quiz from an ancient issue of Family Circle magazine:

A13: What is a crèche?
If I'm not mistaken it means crib (or 'baby's sleeping place) in French.

The official answer says "A crèche is a replica of the stable where Jesus was born."

Really? A hop to wikipedia's disambiguation page tells of THREE definitions for crèche: a day care center, the nativity scene, and a zoological term for the caring of other's young offspring provided by animals

Okay so I finally learned something new, 13 questions in!

A14: In the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," what did the true love send on the eighth day of Christmas?
Ugh. I just know the partridge in a pear tree! Let's take a stab at it and say... eight maids a-milking.

Holy cow! I got that right!


Today's score: 1 / 2 = 50%
Score to date: 12.5 / 14 = 89%

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