Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Quiz - Day Eighteen

Any of you gonna have any difficulty with any of there questions?

B8: What do Dutch children leave out for Santa to fill with presents?
A sock? A little sack? Oooh ohhh wait... how about their shoes/clogs?!
(Yep, their clogs or shoes is the answer)

B9: Who are Santa's helpers?
Or, singular and with a diminutive added, that would be the family pet of The Simpsons :)

Today's score = 2 / 2 = 100%
Score to date: 29.5 / 35 = 84%

Puzzled at what's going on? I am featuring Christmas-related trivia questions taken from a Family Circle magazine from 1984, and my responses to them... just because! There will be more tomorrow, don't worry!

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