Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Quiz : Day Sixteen

A long time ago, back in 1984, Family Circle magazine featured a Christmas Quiz, which got saved by my packrat now-hubby. The yellowed pages somehow ended up with me a few years ago. This year I am finally going through them, and will be 'free' to put them in the paper recycling bin, once I go through all the questions here on this blog.

So on we plod.

B3: What do bad boys and girls get for Christmas?
A lump of coal?
(The answer specifies said coal would be in their stockings)

B4: If someone wished you "Feliz Navidad," would you be in England, Holland, Germany or Spain?
Spain. No debate there.

B5: Name two decorations that are often put on top of Christmas trees.
An angel or a star.

Today's score: 3 / 3 = 100%
Score to date: 25.5 / 31 = 82%


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