Sunday, June 20, 2010

oops I *didn't* do it again!

If you've dropped by my Life After Work blog recently, you'll know that I got my hair cut a few days ago. I just realized, however, that I'd neglected to tip the person who'd done my hair!


Tipping is so NOT part of the culture I grew up in.

I've pretty much gotten used to leaving a tip for waitstaff at a restaurant, but that's about all my exposure to a tip-required service, except for the rare haircuts (and I do mean rare! Prior to this recent trip to the salon, my last haircut was in September 2009!), so I'm not surprised that it might slip my mind... but still... I feel bad about it... I am planning on going back in a month or two to 'refresh' my cut: I'll just make sure I get the same person, and will make sure to specify I'm tipping for two sessions with her!

A blog buddy of mine is starting a career as taxi driver in Las Vegas, and recently blogged a little about tipping. I would think that at major tourist spots such as Las Vegas, the taxis would be fitted with a sign saying that "a xx% gratuity is expected" so that drivers wouldn't be gypped... especially when they get taxed on an assumed amount of tips whether or not they actually get to that amount!

How about you: what's your opinion on tips?

(image source: wikipedia)