Thursday, May 20, 2010

PLX2010: update and results of the "I'm feeling generous" drawing

Oh my, was it already a week ago that I was seething at the woman in 5D? Where has the week gone?? Thankfully I worked in a LOT of buffer for the Postcard / Link Exchange of 2010 (PLX2010) so this update isn't late at all, despite the move from to a malaysian abroad's new home here in blogspotland.

To refresh your memory, here are the rules for PLX2010, and the participants this time around are:
... creating my life has already blogged about the postcard! Yay! A little earlier than the official rules stated, but I'm throwing those rules out the door anyway, LoL! Thanks, dude! Hope you liked the card :) {if any of the other participants have also already blogged about their cards, sorry I didn't notice! Just tell me and I'll correct this post, k?}

As you may recall, I had had an 'extra credit' portion of PLX2010 that didn't really get off the ground. Steve, who RT’d my tweet, won himself a little Malaysia-themed gift as thanks. I then put the remaining four participants in the drawing for a box of Boh Seri Songket Passion Fruit flavored tea.

This morning TK-217 graciously volunteered to pick the winner:

Congratulations to Jeanette Eats Spaghetti!

Both Steve and Jeanette happen to be fellow Springfield tweeps: if I don't manage to meet up with them by next weekend to hand off their prizes personally, I'll send the items via snail mail instead. Hopefully we'll do it live - then there might be more pix! :)

One final PLX2010 post to come, featuring the participants' posts about their postcards: stay tuned!

PLX2010 image derived from mailbox by clix

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  1. Your postcard was my VERY first piece of mail received at my new house!

    I apologize for not keeping up my end of the bargain and blogging about it for your PLX2010 project. I promise, a special post is on my to do list... (winning this contest may even move it up a few notches).

    And now that I'm unemployed, I think we can easily arrange a face-to-face prize-receiving. Plus, I want to hear about your trip (pictures, please!).

    PS - WOO HOO!!!